Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get Coupons?
We frequently send out coupons and special offers through our social media platforms on Facebook - - and Twitter -  Have you joined us there yet?

KTC really should have XXX for sale... How can I suggest it?
We're always open for new product suggestions.  Click here and let us know!

I'm ordering two CafePress products.  Why am I paying shipping twice?
Some of the products in our store are fulfilled through our CafePress store -  We offer those products here as well as a service to you.  However, you're placing a larger order (2+ CafePress items) you should order directly from there to save yourself some shipping.

Do you sell smokeless alternatives like Hooch and Smokey Mountain?
No, doesn't sell any of those products.  However, we do have some great coupons for KTC members.  Check them out on our Smokeless Alternatives page (and stay and read reviews, ingredients, etc.)

Do you have something you want us to answer?  Let us know!

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